Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All the little things... I'll continue to add to this...

August/September 2010
1.  Bathrooms are so hot.  No A/C gets in there, so it's pretty muggy.  UGH.  No lingering in there.
2.  Kitchens are also hot, esp after cooking dinner and running the dryer.  Sauna anyone?
3.  Sales at Cold Storage are interesting.  One day a 12 pack of water is $12.80 and the next day it's $6.80 and then the following day it's $8.10.  What gives?  Not a weekly thing?
4.  Boys love the trash shoot, a bit too much perhaps, Blake tossed his glass bowl down it the other day. 
5.  All these little lips in the floors.  How do people in wheelchairs do it?  SO annoying to stub your toe, but it's equally annoying when you step down too hard and jar your back.
6.  We've all had diarrhea...some more than others.
7.  There are no plain chicken breasts.  I'm talking allllll white meat with no stringy things attached.  I soo miss the big bag of them from Costco.  I think I found them... at a specialty store in the basement of our mall.  I'M SO JAZZZEDDDD...  $2/ 100g.  Guess not too bad - not Costco, but better than nuthin'!
8.  Pepsi just doesn't taste the same.  :(
9.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you see the price of something it's the price, tax is included in the price and it's all nicely rounded up.  NO pennies and you can have your money ready at the counter.  NOW, before some of you freak out, you can see how much you are paying in tax if you look at the receipt.
10.  Everyone is so nice and helpful.  Everyone.  Some maybe too nice.
11.  Pool.  Everyday, 2x/day.  Do kids ever get sick of it?  We're going on 2 weeks of it and it hasn't worn off yet.
12.  I miss Rory and JoeBlack.  A lot.  When the boys are asleep I really miss them..... a LOT.  :*(
13.  TV shows don't appear to start on the 1/2 hour.  Like right now, 210p a new episode of COPS is on.
14.  There is a hot water button outside of the kitchen and bathrooms, if you forget to use it, you have only warm and less warm water to bath or wash dishes.
15.  A LOT of old men like to watch my boys.
16.  A LOT of those same old men of #15 play checkers and an "othello" type games in the middle of these hawker stalls and "centers". 
17.  A lot of "earth friendly" advertisements here, in the service apartment and a lot on the cartoon channels.
18.  Besides trying to understand the english with an asian accent, it's also thrown in with BRITISH english which causes me Amurican some trouble understanding.
19.  Nothing is open until late morning.  EVEN the grocery store, 930am.  Coffee shops (not that I drink them but they have muffins) 9am.
20.  NO one, except the very rich, have GARBAGE DISPOSALS.......  Are they really that expensive to buy and install?  It's soooo gross scraping food into the trash.  GROSS. 
21.  Ok, so I finally tried Indian food and loved my dish.  Then Alexander told me they had a Chinese and Indian menu and I chose a Chinese dish.  Chicken in Chili sauce... I like Nan bread thou....and whatever that green sauce was with the big chips.
22.  I wish I would have brought more pasta sauce.  1 jar wasn't enough.. maybe another box of pasta too.
23.  (see 14) If you forget to flip the switch for hot water, sometimes the HOT water is cooler than the COLD water. 
24.  I'm so glad I left 75% of our goods at home, I just wish we would have left 90%!  Our apartment is SMALL.....but I'm stilllll glad I brought along my mattress... I can't wait to sleep on it.
25.  The sweat is what it is, you just have to know going to the zoo you will be wet all day.  Baby powder is a must.
26.  Gummie bears?  No I don't think they have them here, but it's ok, any hard candy left out will turn into a gummy.  My jolly ranchers are almost all chewy now.
27.  Glad I dyed my hair brown, people can't tell how WET it is with sweat.
28.  No one has MUSTARD, you know the yellow kind!!!  And don't get excited, the Ketchup is even less desirable.  Most of them are a cross between ketchup and chili sauce (which is dispensed like ketchup at McDonalds).  GLAD my mustard and ketchup are on the boat! 

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