Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diet? HA Or maybe???

Friday, September 17, 2010
Very frustrating that NOTHING is open here until late morning.  You have to buy your muffins and breads the night before unless you eat breakfast at 9.  I did find a toast box open at 8 but there were only breads with meats and onions on it or this "soup" like thing with eggs and ??... kids aren't eattin' that for breakfast.  And croissants aren't baked until the afternoon - WHAT GIVES?  Ok, no problem, we'll run by the grocery store to get some fresh baked bread or muffins or bagels...NOT, it's not open until 930!  Thfat was a daily ritual for us... driving to Safeway and getting hot fresh bagels... or driving to BLAZING BAGELS... OH HOW I MISS there it is, we have to find another way of life here.... a much later life.   Here's a shot of the breads at the end of the day... yum.

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  1. Do they sell cold cereal and milk? That is what we eat every morning for breakfast, boring I know. I've never even been to blazing bagels but I just might have to try it out now.