Friday, October 15, 2010

A walk through our local search of education!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010
We headed out to visit a preschool, after walking all over town, I finally asked a lady and she walked me right there.  Four flights of stairs later we were at the school.  I was so turned off.  It was like what I imagine an old Chinese school to look like.  All in uniforms, all sitting at the most drab looking tables, no play yard and climbing all those stairs... And it’s the most expensive one of all.  We caught a cab and drove to another school.  I was there forever, at least an hour and I immediately felt like home.  Waitlist for Jacques, figures.  I was crushed.  What and where am I going to put these boys?  After naps I took the big stroller out and we just walked down Marine Parade Rd.  We came upon the library, it’s a bit of a way, but definitely walk-able.  Have to pay ~$50 a year to join and you have to have your passport, S'pore ID and cash.  Weird. Then we walked up Still Road and I took photos of all the kindergartens to call upon later, there must be a thousand in this town. 

Then we came across yet another eatery... I quickly took a photo of ducks and animals hanging in the window.  I know this is normal for here, but I can't get over the grossness of it.  How does that meat stay fresh after it's been hanging there for hours in the heat??  Gross.  The heads are still attached to this duck too.  I guess they eat it allllll.  Makes me want to become a vegetarian. 

Another little eatery - hard to photograph...they want you to come in and eat, not photo their place, at least that's what I sense.  Either way, they don't really vocalize anything, they might also think I'm part of the underground police to investigate them.  Or "rate" them.

Another fruit stand along the street...prices are pretty much the same from stand to stand, grocery stores are where the prices really fluctuate.

Look at this cool row of homes.
Overall, a lovely walk around this huge area.  Both boys were in the
double wide stroller, which was great except for one area where the sidewalk could only accomodate a single and then I was faced with walking in the street, and we just cruised along.  We ended our little loop by walking through Roxy Square where I happened upon a bunch of tailors, salons, dry cleaners, all very LOCAL, so I 'm super excited about finding those jewels.  Then we crossed over the overpass (NOT stroller friendly) and ended at the comfort zone, McDonalds.  We got nuggets and fries, brought them back home where my Ranch dressing and Heinz ketchup awaited our arrival... ahhhh good list of schools to contact, new found jewels, and familiar comforts overall a good day!

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